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Zoe Hoang


Name: Zoe Hoang

Training Since: 2008

Another of our founding members at Black Widow Ward End, Zoe has trained and competed under Black Widow for several years now and works closely with our junior and adult students at our Ward End academy. Zoe also heads “Toddler Thai” sessions at our academy where she provides extra attention and care to some of our younger gym members and students.

Influences and inspirations:

Julie Kitchen (England – Multi time women’s world champion)
Rungravee Sassiprapa (Thailand)
Ramon Dekkers (Holland)

Belief on what makes a champion:

A great student or champion can be measured by their ability to overcome obstacles and problems to better themselves at work, home, at the gym or in the ring.

Future ambitions:

To continue working with students at Black Widow and working towards producing the next generation of female fighters and roll models.

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