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MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)


At our Martial Arts Academy in Birmingham, we have been offering Mixed Martial Arts classes also know as MMA since we opened, and is also one of our most popular classes.

MMA is considered to be the fastest growing sport in the world. It is a full contact combat sport which allows various types of fighting disciplines to be used, from a wide spectrum of martial arts traditions and non-traditions.

Some of the striking techniques that are used include those in Boxing, Thai Boxing / Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Karate and Taekwondo. Grappling techniques common in Submission Wrestling, Judo and Brazilian Jui Jitsu such as throws, pinning holds, sweeps and clinch holds are also used.

Strategies such as sprawl-and-brawl, ground-and-pound, clinch fighting and submission grappling are utilised whilst standing and on the ground.

Most MMA fights are held in a cage, but fights also commonly take place in boxing rings.

The techniques we teach and are for self defence and competition purposes.

Come and join the mixed martial arts classes at the Black Widow Martial Arts Academy in Birmingham.

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