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Yogendra Parekh


Name: Yogendra Parekh
Training Since: 1994
Fight record 18 Wins [9 by stoppage KO/TKO]
1 Draw
7 Loses

Titles Held: Junior Career
English and British Champion 52-55kg

Adult Career
X3 times English Champion 55-57.5kg
British Champion 55-57.5kg
UK no 1 at 60KG

Previous Opponents:

Liam Harrison (England)
Thomas McCormick (England)
Matius Kalo (Finland)
Anthony Echevary (France)
Jonathan Muyal (France)
Kunkarbi (Thailand)

Influences and inspirations:

Influences include fighters such as Ramon Dekker, Danny Bill, Rob Kaman and Mike Tyson [Who are all multi time world champions in their relative disciplines].

Belief on what makes a champion:

Dedication to training and a desire to achieve goals and targets.
As well as learning from mistakes and always improving existing skills and techniques, “you never stop learning or getting better”.
I believe that “to be the best you got to beat the best”, so training hard and pushing yourself to the limit is essential.

Future ambitions:

To continue working with students in developing the fighters and instructors of tomorrow. Also to continue promoting and developing Muay Thai in the UK at the highest level possible.

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